Call for Papers

The event organizers welcome contributions which describe applications of CAE Technologies in such areas as: mechanics, industrial applications, structural engineering, optimization, manufacturing process simulation, computational fluid-dynamics, emerging technologies, durability and fatigue, rapid and impact dynamics, CAD/CAE integration, ...

Papers can be submitted on-line

Deadline for abstract submission: 30th June 2011
Deadline for final paper submission: 30th September 2011

For any further information, please contact the organizing secretariat.


Conference submission guidelines
How to provide the abstract and the final paper.

  • Please submit your abstract, which should be no more than 400 words in length, until 30th June 2011.
  • Your abstract will be published in the "Abstract booklet" that will be handed to all participants at the Conference Registration Desk.
  • As a second step, please submit your final paper, which should be no more than 4 pages in length, until 30th September 2011.
  • Your final paper will be included in the Conference Proceedings CD-ROM that we will mail to all participants after the event.

Through the article submission, both using the on-line system and other means, the authors explicitly allow EnginSoft to publish their work for an undetermined period of time on web sites and to disseminate it through media of any kind, with the only limit that medium and context do not negatively affect the authors' image and professionalism.


Authors are required to submit the abstract on-line, using the following address:
This is the Conference official system for the on-line submission and revision. You are kindly required to follow the instructions to prepare and upload your work. Once the abstract has been uploaded, the system will automatically acknowledge the receipt of the work and its subsequent acceptance. The correspondence will be automatically managed by the system, as well as the acceptance notification. Your paper will be assigned an identification number (ID) which you will receive along with with a password via e-mail. We recommend keeping all the information for the following revisions and the upload of your final paper.


So to have an efficient system working and your work accurately managed, it's necessary that the source file is formatted according to the suggested style and template. In case a paper is formatted using a word processor with different tags and styles, it's more likely that your paper will contain errors in the final version on the CD-ROM with the conference papers. We therefore advice the download of the suggested template in Microsoft Word (compatible also with OpenOffice and StarOffice) and to follow its indications accurately.

  Download the template for the final paper

  Download the template for the Power Point presentation



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