Previous Editions

EnginSoft Conference 2010 and ANSYS Italian Conference
21-22 October 2010
Fiera Montichiari (BS) - Italy

EnginSoft Conference 2009 and ANSYS Italian Conference
1st-2nd October 2009
Bergamo - Italy

EnginSoft Conference 2008 and ANSYS Italian Conference
16th-17th October 2008
Venice - Italy

EnginSoft Users' Meeting 2007
25th-26th October 2007
Bergamo - Italy

EnginSoft Users' Meeting 2006
9th-10th November 2006
Bergamo - Italy

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About EnginSoft

EnginSoft is a consulting company operating in the field of ComputerAidedEngineering (CAE). Founded in 1984 to focus on and pursue computational technologies and the immense potentialities related to the same, EnginSoft today represents an innovative organization with over 80 employees and 5 offices in Italy, a growing Network of partner offices and subsidiaries in Europe and USA supported by numerous longterm partnerships with companies, universities and research institutions.
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ANSYS is leading the evolution of CAE tools and technologies, delivering customer value by enabling companies to improve product development and processes. ANSYS is committed to developing simulation solutions from mechanical to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) that illustrate realistic and accurate modeling and simulation of components, subsystems, and systems.
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