Conference Agenda

The 2011 EnginSoft Conference lasts two days and is organized as follows:

  • The plenary session is being held on the first day in the morning: here, scientific topics, which are relevant also at global level, are being discussed.
  • On the first day in the afternoon and on the second day in the morning parallel technical sessions are taking place, where representatives of the Italian and global industry are presenting¬† their CAE applications .
  • On the second day in the afternoon the software updates in the Mechanical, CFD (computational fluid-dynamics) and Optimization disciplines are being presented.

The Conference is also including an exhibition area with representatives of software, hardware and complementary technology providers and a showroom where CAE application posters are being displayed.

List of Papers


EnginSoft State of the Art in the Mechanical Simulation
Ansaldo Breda Advanced CAE Design for increasing Railway Vehicles Fire Safety Level
Ansaldo Energia New materials and their constitutive models in Ansys. Experience in plasticity and viscoplasticity through z-Ansys
ANSYS Overcoming the Challenges of Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Traction Motor Design
CADFEM (Suisse) AG Effective Electrothermal Simulation for Battery Pack and Power Electronics in HEV/EV
CIRA Cohesive Zone Material model in ANSYS: a sensitivity analysis on a DCB test cast
CERN, EnginSoft, Brembana Conceptual design of insulated modular LAr TPC detector for LBNE
Dynamore New features and future directions in car crash simulations with LS-DYNA
Franco Tosi Meccanica Modeling different contact conditions in blade rows of turbomachinery
Idnova FEM Analysis and Validation through Manufacturing of Electromagnetic devices for communication application using IEEE 1902.1 protocol
INFN A liquid Xenon calorimeter project for the Paul Scherrer Institute Switzerland
Key to Metals Development of a Database for Stress-Strain Curves and Cyclic Properties
Lombardini Motori A novel approach to simplified representation of threaded connections
Magneti Marelli Gasket FEA analysis for AIM application
Moldex 3D Integration of Injection Molding and Structure CAE for Mold Deformation Analysis
MTA Numerical modeling of Automotive Fuses Melting Time
Piaggio FE analysis of a scooter crankshaft
Pierburg Pump Technology Modal Analysis Correlation by Means of FEM Approaches
Pierburg Pump Technology Evaluation of the Lifetime of an Automotive Vacuum Pump Housing
Rossi Research of the maximum energy efficiency for a three phase induction motor by means of slots geometrical optimization
Saipem Aqwa code and its capabilities to solve offshore operation requirements
Trasfor Fatigue Assessment of a Magnetic Component for Railway Application
University of Malta Experimental Validation of Finite Element Simulations to predict Welding Induced Residual Stresses
University of Padova Simulation and energy saving in simple solar collector with reflective panels and boiler


EnginSoft State of the Art in the CFD Simulation
Ansaldo Breda Thermal comfort in Driverless Light Metro: CFD simulations versus experimental data from climate chamber tests
Ansaldo Nucleare Analysis of the Sloshing of a Large Tank with design-basis and Fukushima-like Seismic Excitations
ANSYS UK Engineering Simulation For Unmanned Vehicle Design and Development
AVIO Numerical Validation on Aeronautical combustion at high pressure consition
CADFEM Swisse Comparison of hydrodynamic mass for CFD-coupled analyses
Centro Ricerche Fiat Fluid refrigerant leak in a cabin compartment: risk assessment by CFD approach
Centro Sviluppo Materiali CFD modelling of regenerative combustion system
CINECA HPC Deployment of OpenFOAM at CINECA for industrial settings
EnginSoft MELiSSA Project: plant growing environment characterization
Magneti Marelli Design Optimization Inverter Device
Magneti Marelli SMART COOLING AIM Heat Exchanger Methodologies
Nuovo Pignone Combined 1D & 3D CFD Approach for GT Ventilation System analysis
Piaggio The use of Ansys CFX to optimise the cooling circuit of an internal combustion engine - 2nd part: thermal analysis
Politecnico di Milano Churning power losses in planetary speed reducer: computational-experimental analysis
SUPSI - Politecnico Torino Effects of Packed Bed Transport Properties Modeling on CFD Simulations of a Short Contact Time Reactor for Methane Catalytic Partial Oxidation
Tecniplast Laminar flow cabinet study
Tetra Pak Modelling of a packaging machine filling system using a hierarchical approach
University of Bologna Improving the design and the separation performances of membrane modules for H2 purification by CFD simulations
University of Genova Engine exhaust jets redeseign for the P180 aircraft using multidisciplinary simulations
University of Ferrara Numerical Analysis of a Micro Gas Turbine Combustor fed by liquid fuels
University of Padova Effect of Airfoil Geometry on Darrieus Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Performance
University of Roma "Tor Vergata" Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) with RBF Morph: a Generic Formula 1 Front End
Zeco Virtual Testing of a Plant with Hydro Francis Turbine


EnginSoft State of the Art in the Multi-Objective Optimization Simulation
Ansaldo Breda Structural optimization of new high speed train
Casappa Optimization of the valveplate geometry for a variable displacement axial piston pump in case of multiple design constraints
CIRA Synergy between LS-DYNA and modeFRONTIER to predict low velocity impact damage on CFRP plates
EnginSoft GmBH Morphological Shape Optimization of a Multi-Element, Down-Force Generating Wing
Continental Multi-Objective Virtual Optimization for a target GDI injector nozzle flow achievement
ESTECO Multi-Objective Optimization of Electromagnetical Devices Integrating modeFRONTIER with ANSYS Maxwell
FERRARI Numerical optimization of the exhaust ow of a high-perfomance engine
IVECO Tyre set-up for commercial vehicle multibody model: modeFrontier as a calibration tool
M3E Evaluation of the environmental impact of underground gas storage and sequestration
RFI Optimization of solar energy captation
Tetra Pak Integration of a fully 3D CFD model in a lumped parameter system simulation through the use of an explorative DOE methodology
University of Cassino Identification of the JH-2 constitutive model parameters for the fused silica using modeFRONTIER
University of Salento modeFRONTIER analysis for reducing emissions of PCDD/F in a sintering ore plant
University of Salento Optimized solar collectors for nanofluids applications
University of Salento Numerical and experimental evaluation of structural impact behavior of large pod for nautical applications



The Conference will host this year two workshops: the first regards the use of CAE tecnologies for ECO Builing design, the second regards the design with composite materials.




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